Want To Get Rid Of All The Cockroaches, Flies And Mosquitoes In Your Home? Try This Mixture!

Due to our busy schedule and the hectic lifestyle we all lead, keeping our home clean and perfect is becoming a seriously challenging job. The messy homes we live in are full of dirt and pests who love it, including cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies. Along with spiders, these pests form the group of insects which are a nightmare to millions of people around the world.

No one likes to see any of these insects in their home – once you notice them in your home, you’re ready to do anything in takes to get rid of them. This, however, can be quite difficult and expensive. Most people rely on an exterminator, but besides the fact that you’ll need to leave your home for a while, it can also burn a hole in your pocket. Plus, the process is not always effective, as cockroaches are especially impervious to anything you throw at them.

Luckily for you all, there’s a simple natural mixture which can get rid of cockroaches and all the other pests quickly and without harming your health! Here’s what you need to do:


½ a cup of shampoo

½ a cup of vinegar

½ a cup of olive oil


Nothing too complicated here – just mix the ingredients well, then pour the liquid in a spray bottle and spray it all over your home. After a short time, all the pests should be gone, and they will never come back!

Source > homeremediesgarden.com

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