Things Smart People Never Tolerate

1. The need for acceptance.
If you want to lead to a positive life, you have to give up. Whereas you should take care of the happiness of your friends and family, remember that you alone can not make or break your happiness. In other words, you can take care of people without having to bend them back to make them happy. If you make a decision that you do not like, your negative feelings are your responsibility alone. Smart people do not live in the prison of other people’s opinions.
“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but there is never anything growing there.” – Unknown
Smart people choose to get out of a bad situation instead of playing the victim. While you can not always leave a situation, you can make plans to exit or consider your options. That ‘s what smart people do when life challenges them when they feel uninspired by their surroundings.

“Watch your soliloquy, it’s a conversation with the universe.” – David James Lee

Smart people never engage in negative self-talk because they know that they will just fall off. When they have low self-esteem, they consciously work on their positive attitude to change their attitude about themselves.

4. Negative friends.
Just do not want to get down, your friends should not do it. Smart people take care of their lives. Do not hesitate to turn off people who only want to see you. Your friends should be elevated and inspire you, not depress you.

Sure, all responsibilities in life can limit our energy, but that does not mean that we should neglect our health. Smart people always take the time to look after themselves, go to the gym after a long day at work, or get up an hour early to prepare a healthy breakfast before work. It can be exhausting, but they know that their health is their greatest asset.

6. The herd mentality.
Smart people do not tolerate following the crowd if their hearts do not want them. They listen to their own inner voice to make a decision, not the noise of the outside world.

7. In a job that you hate.
Smart people can not stay in a job that does not satisfy their soul. it just feels like death to her. They would rather spend some time doing something they would like to spend their time in a job that drains them, even if it off country.

8. To be unhappy.
Life is too short to be anything but ridiculously happy, but with all the things we have to deal with, many people forget that. Remember that you are responsible for your own happiness. Smart people release everything that makes them feel better.

Everyone knows that we need money to survive, but that does not mean that you need to control every thought. Smart people work with what they have and do not live beyond their means. They may be looking for a higher paid job, but they still want to live thriftily and live a balanced life.

Not everyone will understand how you think or even try, and that’s fine. Smart people know when to leave people who do not support them or who does not follow them. Not everyone you meet in life should stay, and smart people know that.

11. LAZY.
Smart people who know what they are doing, but we are doing a lot of work for them. Smart people still take the time to exercise, eat well, and do everything they can to improve their lives.

12. be door mat.
In simple terms, letting people go anywhere without respect for themselves. Smart people know the difference between being nice and trampling people everywhere. They will be friendly to all, but the second, which they will not respect, will be in their place by the smart person.


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