Things A Strong Woman Will Never Tolerate In A Relationship

Ah, the strong woman. She turns her head wherever she goes and takes no shit to anyone.

You met her, I met her and we all know how powerful a character can be.

She is more than happy to fly alone, but if you want to go out with her, you must be aware: lie or be selfish and she will cut you off immediately.

She knows what she deserves and does not settle for less.

Here are 7 things that a strong woman simply can not tolerate:

1) Lack of respect

A strong woman appreciates respect for everything. She sees value in everyone and always listens to what people have to say. She knows that everyone has something precious to offer.

So, if you ignore someone else’s opinion, not to mention your own opinion, she just does not have it. It’s a sure fire sign that you’re a complete fool.

In fact, a strong woman at the first appointment pays particular attention to how the man handles the server. If he is kind and respectful, she could just see him again. Otherwise, she went to the “toilet” and will not come back.

2) You can not express yourself

Of course, everyone can love a strong woman. But if you do not express that love through words and deeds, you have to look at yourself more closely.

A strong woman can have her own life under control, but that does not mean that she does not want compliments or friendly actions.

She loves men and generous people. If your facial expression is clogged, you must continue to look for someone else.

3) Break your limits

She is very independent and does not interrupt manipulations and lies.

If she says “no”, you should believe it better. Because if you keep trying to get what you want, you are only hurting your independence and your freedom, which is a guaranteed trigger to end the relationship.

The woman has been repressed for too long and is taking power again. Do not cross their borders.

4) Do not listen to what she has to say

A strong woman has confidence in her own intelligence and knows that she has precious words to share with wisdom.

But if you are “too smart” to listen, she will not have it and you will shoot yourself in the foot.

She learns and hears as much as she can. If you can not do the same thing, you simply do not deserve to be around.

It would be rather a “pair of power” than without power.

5) Do not support your ambitions

A strong woman has dreams and goals that she wants to achieve. That’s what motivates her throughout the day.

But if you press her constantly and you do not believe in her efficiency, you are only a toxic “boy” for her.

She wants someone who grows up as much and who believes in the future as she does. Only then can the relationship prosper.

6) Master the relationship

Equality is a value it does not take lightly. It is a cornerstone of their life philosophy and the way they treat others.

If you expect her to make fun of your wishes, you will have to get rid of hell.

She has goals to achieve in a relationship.

A strong woman will not clean all your dishes and will not prepare all your food, unless you do the same for them. She knows what she’s worth and you know what? Your value is nothing more than yours.

7) You lie, even when it comes to something small

Honesty is a prerequisite to the life of a strong woman. She leaves. She expresses her feelings, acts according to her values ​​and does not hesitate to tell you her true opinion.

But if you do not want to stay, she’ll feel your shit for a mile and you will not hear about her anymore.

If you drank a few more drinks with the boys, tell him. There is nothing better for a strong woman than a man who can only say what it is.

But if you do not have the courage to tell your truth and respond to your values, go away. She does not have time for boys.

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