Kobe for dinner

Kingdemic takes in inner and outer revolutionary basics and rewards listeners with the rich sound of emotional hip hop redolent of early 2019.

DJ Demic ultimately pleases a thirst for the kind of rhythm and blues that feel good to spirit, much like a home cooked meal after returning home from college.

The acoustic and psychedelic opening track “Kobe For Dinner” open with a peaceful sound of a lenient pretention completed by a modest model, stimulating words as he tells the story of how “he started with nothing and turn it into money”

“Kobe For Dinner” is an amazing dope song, with lovely beat and amazing lyrics that you can drive around and enjoy a blasting smooth flow. Beat is fire and definitely kick some ass!

Kingdemic has a mastering effect that always give a nice flow and always offer a great thing to vibe too and have a good time. Honestly, one of the talented rap artist you should connect to!

Overall, Demic shows a lot of promise as a modern musical child. With trifling efforts Dj Demic deliver the kind of rap music that has been missing from the genre.

I came through drippin ima leakey faucet – I take my wins and I take my loses, might prompt some listeners to pamper in a ravenous spirit.


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