Hilarious kids learning to swim!

I remember being a young child and going to the YMCA to learn to swim.  I never really learned to swim because I could never really relax in the water.  Matter of fact I just came from floating at a place named Serena Dreams in Harrison, NJ.  The floating session was a birthday gift and it was quite a thoughtful one at that.  But i’m just not really comfortable in water so the whole time I couldn’t really relax even though I was floating.  The floating experience is a simulation of the Dead Sea.  I knocked my head so many times in the tank it wasn’t funny.  I’m still hurting as we speak.  In the video three kids are learning to swim and all is going well until the final child tries to jump in the water.  Anyway I won’t spoil the surprise, click play and comment your thoughts on the post.  Don’t forget to share the post so that your family and friends can share our laugh.

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