Game of love

Kingdemic never let anyone down. His intellectual performance at all levels, he is a creative musician of mystical power and beauty, a persuasive singer and a statesman of ground-breaking scopes.

Demic is back again with a sensational release “Game Of Love” a great track with a cinematic and hard as hell soundtrack, and a branny show that is a little more grown and cool.

“Game of love” boast different syntheses and unreleased paucities, Island bond American form of insurgent lyrical statement with some of the most heart-breaking and charming tunes stanch to tape.

“You got it! Dark and intense I love it” was illusive and give me a spotted vibe, it’s also a great inspirations for young and aspiring lovers.

His vast perfection stand him side by side with the greatest artist of this stint. Considering his modest origins he may even surpass them. Demic was the man.

Demic’s whimsical and comical flow reveal his thirst for wordplay and tell a story beyond the music tittle “Game of Love”

Game of love has prospered in showcasing each element of DJ Demic’s artistic personality and vision, the passion and how each part played a vital role in his music.

Overall it was a cool and great track with a bit of 90s synth vibe.


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