Island bond American greatest rapper and record producer DJ Demic is back all over again with a historic release “Freedom” one of the crabbiest songs in rock history.

It is limited with rap intimations, astronomical phase and his golden voice to give the listener an intellect of persuading uncertainty.

Kingdemic was very fortunate because his work on freedom was the best in years. His concise blazes burn deep holes in every single melody here.

Demic amazingly play it cool with even the emotional singers, the indistinct personality behind the “Song Of Freedom” is appalling, but when Demic start the show, he relics an exciting voice.

The island bond on this one giving you touching vibe, saying turn on the light I am looking for her a tragic scene that set most of the listeners ablaze.

Freedom is an amazing rap music that reminds me of historic Rocafella records. One of the greatest rap music you should listen to. You can easily notice the enormous in the dance halls from side to side elbows and inflating there head to this one.

Freedom is one of the amazing release from Jersey that offer you different content in hip hop industry with a great cinematic extract. Certainly one of the ground breaking release that the world need.


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