Demic releases new track So Good

So Good

Jersey Demic matters because he’s a new pop star with sensational and amazing voice, both literally and figuratively. When DJ Demic sings, he sounds young but not too wholesome. He’s smart, stirred and refreshingly unpolished. One of the greatest talent you should connect with.

The Island synthesizer musician explore new facet of his algorithmic sound striding to toy with listeners intellect of perception. Even though how good these good natured performance is depends on your interest in interchange of orthodox, but DJ Demic nails an amazing spot between brawny ablaze and curly bat music.

Kingdemic personal self-confidence seems unlimited and has a vigilant release scheme. “So Good” describes an expanded accretion and its deep title. It was a great, amazing and a ground breaking release because the album was So Good.

The album is one of the greatest summer jams which also offer great new highlights and a modest lyrics all over infecting electro beats. This record is certain to please long-time fans, and also work as a compelling introduction.

There are many numbers of hip hop records with worthy cause but the good intention don’t always make your car stereo knock. It’s never an issue here “So Good” is one of the greatest on the upcoming rap record.

King album “So Good” by jersey Demic has a big hits that are absolutely brilliant, it might also be hip hop’s biggest badass, and kingdemic has the choral axes to pull this off.


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