Can 20,000 Magnets Catch A Bullet Mid Air?

Today as I was surfing the internet I saw an interesting video on Youtube.  The video was posted to the MrBeast channel and it had the title, Can 20,000 Magnets catch a bullet mid air?  The thumbnail shows a man aiming what looks to be an assault rifle toward his friend and firing off.  This grabbed my attention because I instantly thought to myself.  Wait, what if 20,000 Magnets can’t catch a bullet in mid air and this guy gets shot? I would never try this on my own and because of that simple reason, I clicked play.  Once the video started I saw that they did way more than try to stop a bullet with magnets but they also tried to stop the bullets with a frying pan and other relatable items.  Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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