Benefits Of Vicks Vaporub That Will Save You Time, Money And Your Health

Anyone who has had a cold at least at some point in their lives knows just how useful the Vicks Vaporub is for immediate relief.

However, most people do not know that this solution has many other applications.

Vicks Vaporub does wonders:



muscle aches

Cosmetic purposes

The most unusual list of Vicks benefits:


Spread VapoRub on your nose or simply add something to your home humidifier. This will dissolve the stuffy nose and refresh the smell.

muscle aches

Have you mastered your muscles during your last workout? Try to spread apoRub on the affected area and enjoy immediate relief. It contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic components.

Repair a creaky door hinge

It’s not as crisp as a squeaky door hinge, but you can stop it by just rubbing a little Vick on the door hinge, and the terrible sound stops.


If you have an earache, plunge a cotton ball into a Vicks Vaporub and put it in your clubhouse. The pain is not treated. it will relieve the pain.

Fuller lips

Due to the fact that Vicks is prepared with menthol, the popular organic lip oil filler, rub Vicks Vaporub on it, if you want softer, luscier and juicier lips.

Covering bad odors
If you are in a disgusting and stinky environment, just put some Vicks under your nose and it will be much better.

Fight against mushrooms
Another key ingredient like menthol is thymol, a mushroom remover for toenails that is incredibly effective. All you need is clean, dry feet before applying VapoRub to your skin.

Treats the tennis elbow
If your elbow hurts, pass a Vick on it and feel the pain disappear.

Heel softener
Cover your heels with the Vaporub, put socks on and wake up, you will see effects as soft as the buttocks of a baby.

DIY shower bombs
Treat the cold by mixing VapoRub, soda and water. Nothing is soothing and healthier than this shower bomb.

Heals a headache
Extend some vicks on your temples and massage the area to eliminate headaches and migraines.

Remove stretch marks
Vicks does wonders for your skin. Most people even call it “magic eraser of stretch marks”.

Source: HealthAdvice365

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